OPTI® Production Semisubmersible Overview

Through foresight and innovation, EXMAR OFFSHORE has created a hull and deck truss form that aids in the execution of the project and leads to lower life cycle costs. The OPTI® proprietary hull form and single deck truss features combine superior hydrodynamic performance with payload weight efficiency, ease of construction, simple integration, and rapid, flexible project execution.

OPTI®, however, is more than just a hull. The OPTI® is a complete project solution that is proven, scalable, flexible, and repeatable with industry leading cost, schedule, and mission performance. The OPTI® stands as a complete strategic solution, matching EXMAR’s engineered products with the right commercial and operational tools to reduce project cycle times with uncompromising safety and quality performance.

The OPTI-EX® and Delta House are award winning developments having been named by Offshore Magazine to the Top 5 Projects in their respective years of first production of 2011 and 2015.

Additionally, LLOG received the 2017 OTC Distinguished Achievement Awards for Companies, Organizations, and Institutions. Recognizing their outstanding work on the Delta House project, the cost, time from discovery to first production, safety performance, reliability, and regulatory compliance established an industry-leading benchmark. The breakeven price for Delta House from inception was approximately USD 27/bbl and is below USD 20/bbl going forward.

OPTI® Production Semisubmersible Features


The OPTI® design includes a proprietary multi-sided column which reduces drag forces, leading to lower mooring forces and negligible VIM. The proprietary ring pontoon shape, featuring surfaces outboard of the columns, reduces heave motions. Combined, these features result in motions suitable for both SCRs and flexibles and minimized mooring equipment requirements.


While the form of the hull is designed to reduce motions, the hull structure is designed to simplify construction. Minimal structural shapes, thicknesses, and steel material grades are selected to reduce fabrication costs and improve shipyard efficiency. A truss structure with a flat upper deck allows for modular equipment skids to be integrated near-ground level in a flexible sequence, while the spacious lower deck accommodates further equipment as needed.

Scalable / Flexible / Repeatable

The OPTI® hull form and deck truss fit a broad selection of global fabricator capabilities. The structurally repeatable columns, pontoons, and nodes allow for both easy repetition across projects and are easy scalability. The large, flat deck facilitates the removal or modification of modules with minimal impact.


Introduced in 2016 as a solution for limited recoverable reserves or as an early production system, the OPTI-micro™ offers a flexible development solution with upside production potential. With 40,000 bpd production capability, the OPTI-micro™ offers a strategic alternative to a complicated, expensive tie- back at a lower cost than a larger conventional hub.


EXMAR’s confidence in the OPTI® concept and design was so great that EXMAR took the ultimate risk and OPTI-EX® became the industry’s first speculative build semisubmersible floating production system. A decade later, OPTI-EX®, with up to 60,000 bpd capacity, continues safely producing for LLOG at the Who Dat field with unrivaled uptime availability.


Sized specifically to take advantage of the largest platform integration crane available on the US Gulf Coast, the OPTI-11000™ offers increased capacity up to 100,000 bpd. The result is the industry leading and award winning Delta House facility operated by LLOG Exploration.

OPTI -16000™

To meet future hub applications, where greater production rates and enhanced oil and gas recovery requirements demand a larger deck and load capability, EXMAR OFFSHORE has developed the OPTI-16000™. The standard arrangement envisioned will provide production rates in excess of 120,000 bpd and provide space and load capacity for water flood, gas injection, and subsea boosting equipment. The OPTI-16000™ retains all the technical features and construction strategies of previous OPTI® designs for a cost effective facility.