EXMAR is a maritime company, and conducts 24/7 operations of specialized floating assets. EXMAR can deliver tailor-made technical and crewing services, combining maritime and offshore know-how efficiently and innovatively. Our highly experienced staff continue to innovate in the way we manage assets operating in extreme conditions, from LPG vessels trading in the harsh conditions of the North Sea to regasification vessels in Brazil, accommodation barges off the coast of West Africa, and oil and gas production facilities worldwide.

For marine and inspection-repair-maintenance (IRM) services, EXMAR OFFSHORE SERVICES (EOS) integrates ship management and substantial offshore experience in the following key areas:

  • Offshore staffing including development of medium-term national content and local training programs.
  • Pilotage, mooring, berthing, marine simulation training, and diving support.
  • Marine operations, cargo control, stability, and safety.
  • Cargo transfer for oil and gas products by ship-to-ship, tandem, and CALM.
  • Interface with classification and regulatory agencies.
  • Pre-operations engineering: development of CMMS/PMS, spares definition, and procurement; operational procedures, and introductory training programs.
  • Development of site-specific management systems from project start to certification and subsequent auditing in accordance with ISM, ISO, and OHSA.
  • Development of project HSE plans and buy-in policies for operational staff.