EXMAR OFFSHORE COMPANY's design and modeling staff brings to life the ideas and innovations of our company, giving clients and partners the full picture of every project and product.

AVEVA Marine

EOC uses AVEVA Marine, an integrated suite of software for the design and construction of fixed and floating systems (including elements formerly known as TRIBON and PDMS). Using powerful object-centric technology, it is the most productive engineering software solution available for the marine industry. Using AVEVA, EOC can generate detailed intelligent 3D models, bills of materials, perform clash checking, and create other documents for smooth transition from engineering to execution.


EOC’s designers are skilled with the use of this workhorse software to generate the drawings required to execute any project. The designers work closely with the engineering and project management teams to provide high-quality drawings that illustrate reliable solutions for safe and cost efficient project execution.


EOC focuses on tools that allow clients to visualize, explore, and understand the designs we develop. Powerful images of our renderings allow our clients and partners to not only understand, but also communicate to all project stakeholders.