Exmar Offshore Company’s (EOC) engineering staff provides all of the expertise and experience required to develop, analyze, refine, and specify a floating system of any type from stem to stern, from keel to derrick crown.

Naval Architecture

EXMAR OFFSHORE COMPANY’s (EOC) core engineering expertise is in naval architecture. Our staff’s combined experience and recognized technical leadership in this area influences all other aspects of EOC’s business. From inception of a concept through to delivery, EOC covers all aspects of a project’s naval architecture needs.


EOC can provide a variety of global performance and local structure design and analysis options for all types of marine fixed and floating structures. EOC works from first principles and fundamental analysis methods. Strength and fatigue analyses cover a range of class, regulatory, industry, and client requirements and standards.


EOC’s electrical engineering staff designs and specifies all electrical systems and equipment required to support hull and marine systems. Furthermore, EOC's electrical engineering staff designs and specifies key facility-wide instrumentation and control systems for floating applications, such as power management, and PAGA.


EOC’s mechanical engineering staff designs and specifies all hull and marine systems required for fixed and floating applications. Furthermore, EOC’s mechanical engineering staff assesses mechanical handling and engineered lifts, equipment layouts, and living quarters.


EOC process engineering capabilities serves our clients in the early concept and development and selection phases of a project, allowing process planning and hull size development to evolve together seamlessly. The topsides process engineering staff has experience in oil, gas, and LNG facilities and can simulate these processes using HYSYS.